The King Beneath

Hey There!!

Its been a while since I used this old thing, but times are changing and I’m getting back into the game after a crazy year of making movies, causing problems, and discovering the meaning of life. Somehow I’ve managed to stay in touch with a few teachers from Parsons, one of which is the great master of woodcuts they call Martin Mazorra. He was kind enough to print my latest beast at his shop, Cannonball Press. This is that, it’s sort of a giant sea lion/turtle creature who is contemplating a small moving thing. Enjoy!


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Painting Windows at Parsons

So I painted these two windows in the gallery for our Senior Show and the school asked me to paint a third one after the show ended.  I’m really excited that they’re gonna keep them up! Here they are –



and here’s some process shots along with the final for the third one –




cool huh?  If you wanna see them in person, they’re on the 12th floor of 6 east 16th st. facing 5th ave.  Anyway, gotta go to Copenhagen with Josh and Leslie now, see ya!

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T-Shirt Time

I made a bunch of T-Shirts to sell for the Bond family at our Senior Show opening reception, and they all sold out!  I had 3 designs, all printed from woodcuts.  Here are my friends Julie and Cecilia wearing 2 of the designs!


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Last week of college ever . . . so much work . . . must share Sea Beast print . . .

lotu2Woodcut, 24″x18″

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American Illustration 30, boosh

I got two pieces from my Parsons Thesis Project into American Illustration 30, an illustration annual with a ton of great work from all over the country (and France apparently, go Yann!  Not much else to say, I’m really excited and flattered that they picked these two pieces.  They’re both personal favorites of mine:



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Society of Illustrators Student Show

So I’ve known about this for a while, but the actual show is coming up, so I thought I should remind all of you internet people about it.  One of my pieces for my Parsons thesis got into the Society of Illustrators Student Competition show!  The show will be up at the Society in Manhattan from May 4th to May 28th, and the opening reception is Friday May 6th from 6-9pm.  The piece that got in is rather large, and they require all the pieces to be framed, thanks Ikea!  There will be tons of great work in the show from all over the country, and several of my friends at Parsons got some amazing work in as well.  It will definitely be worth checking our if you’re in the city.  So here is the peice, it’s called “Overlord 1” and its gouache on paper:


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Lord of the Unreal 1

This a big woodcut that I just finished.  It is stage one of the visual component of my thesis for Eugene Lang College.  I plan on adding other elements to make it work better conceptually with the written part of my thesis, but I like it at this simple stage.  This one took forever, and I’ve got several more I need to finish before graduation in may, oh boy!  Anyway, here is my sketch and the final 18″x24″ print:



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