Star Death

I made this piece for an assignment about a journalist who lost his wife at an early age.  I am beginning to experiment with ways of incorporating the style of my thesis into more line driven narrative works.  I think this is a step in the right direction.  It’s pencil and digital like some of my other recent pieces.  Here is my first sketch, a tighter version, and then the final:




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Noir Festival Tabloid

I’ve been really busy with school lately, but I’m going to try and be better about updating this thing more frequently with all the stuff I’ve been working on.  Firstly, some of my early thesis works from last semester were featured in the first issue of a tabloid newspaper that the Newschool published in conjunction with a Noir Festival.  I was really happy with how they looked in this format, and with how big Ben Katchor ( decided to make them in the page layouts.  Big thanks to Ben for reaching out to me for this project!  Here they are:





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New New

Here’s some pieces from this semester.  They’re all pencil drawings that I color in Photoshop.

“Cat Control”

cat control

“Cheap Vacation”

cheap vacation



“Free Things To Do”

free things to do

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Rainbow Body

This is the last piece I did for Thesis in the fall.  It is gouache painted over a picture of the Dalai Lama when he was a young boy.

rainbow body

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Woodcut Head and Figure

I’ve decided to try having the wood itself be the final artwork for this piece, instead of printing it like I usually do. So this is just a large piece of MDF that I’ve carved and used sharpie to make darker in some places. Maybe I’ll print it down the road, but I like it this way for now.

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Figure Lineup Silkscreen

This is a three color screenprint on two different types of paper.

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Painted Yearbook Silkscreens

Here are 3 more Screenprinted yearbook photos that I have painted gouache on top of.

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